Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm not sure how I forgot to mention that during my semi-grad school hiatus, my mom-mobile died. Yep, after 165,000ish miles and 3 transmissions she was finally laid to rest.... there were just too many other automotive complications to justify purchasing transmission #4. I was newly pregnant with My Baby Boy and sick as a dog when we got the old girl... I remember hoping I wouldn't throw up in my first brand new car ever! She paid me back for all the rotten sippie cups, missed car washes, marker drawings, trash pile-ups, baby puke, dirty cletes and closets worth of abandoned clothes I let ruin her interior by dying on me on the way to class on a rural Georgia highway. So, I am currently in the market for a new vehicular unit. I don't really want another minivan, but with a brood of 4 who are often accompanied by other friends, I really need the space. I sure would rather have a Surburban or something "cool." Minivans are practical... not cool. But then again I'm not that cool. I would more appropriately describe myself as tired... or grumpy... or busy.

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Rachel H. said...

Can't wait to hear what kind of vehicle you decide on! :)

Beth said...


I needed to laugh and know you were still alive!!!

I love you & miss your sweet smile at church!!!



Brian said...

How about a station wagon with a rear seat that faces backwards? I seem to remember a lot of kids fitting in one of those on Camp Perrin Road, and it was the epitomy of cool. Hope you are doing welll give our best to Jim, your dad, and your sisters as the holidays approach.