Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm not sure how I forgot to mention that during my semi-grad school hiatus, my mom-mobile died. Yep, after 165,000ish miles and 3 transmissions she was finally laid to rest.... there were just too many other automotive complications to justify purchasing transmission #4. I was newly pregnant with My Baby Boy and sick as a dog when we got the old girl... I remember hoping I wouldn't throw up in my first brand new car ever! She paid me back for all the rotten sippie cups, missed car washes, marker drawings, trash pile-ups, baby puke, dirty cletes and closets worth of abandoned clothes I let ruin her interior by dying on me on the way to class on a rural Georgia highway. So, I am currently in the market for a new vehicular unit. I don't really want another minivan, but with a brood of 4 who are often accompanied by other friends, I really need the space. I sure would rather have a Surburban or something "cool." Minivans are practical... not cool. But then again I'm not that cool. I would more appropriately describe myself as tired... or grumpy... or busy.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here I Am

I couldn't believe it myself. After a friend updated her Facebook status with a final farewell to my adventures I logged into Blogger out of my own curiosity. September 17th??? That was the last time I posted? Wow... where have the past 3 months gone? Were did fall go? If you'll look to the left, here is what I have been doing since August 13th. Reading, reading, studying, reading, writing... zzzzzzzzzzzz.... not fun. Well, I take that back. It would be fun if I didn't have four children, a husband who prefers clean laundry over dirty and hot supper over a bowl of Frosted Cheerios, and other responsibilities.
Let's see if I can recap:
  • August: Ordered too many clothes for Dreamgirl from home parties
  • August: Granger football began and loved new reserved seating and tailgate group
  • August: Finally got Big Daddy T to doctor for blood pressure that is a high as my Macy's bill... very high... almost ugly. Started medicine. No cure for Macy's bill found
  • September: Kids annual photo made... actually not painful and only had to threaten son with no supper once
  • September: Baby Boy starts football and now thinks he can tell people his last name is Tebow
  • October: Firstborn finally quits swimming. Sad, but glad no longer fighting daily
  • October: Fall Break vacay in mountains was rough, rainy, and almost disasterous. High point: I defended my Putt-Putt Champion crown
  • October: Husband quits blood pressure medicine.... diet begins so I can be prepared to snag Hubby #2
  • October: could not get excited about Halloween... tried to convince kiddos to wear last year's costumes and was considered mentally ill. Was finally worn down and purchased new which were quickly soaked on a rainy, cold Halloween night.
  • November: Happiness found as Big Daddy T takes all four kids hunting and camping so I can have study time. China is not informed that Dreamgirl has bullet shells in diaper bag
  • November: New shock collar purchased for dog in an effort to keep myself from ripping his tongue out with my bare hands. Sign oath in blood never to adopt another animal... EVER!
  • November: Lesson learned- cannot skip month getting hair colored
  • November: Disappointed missed Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade but first major holiday without mother was successful and celebrated with no tears.
  • November: Apathy towards Halloween contagious... dreading decorating for Christmas. Hopeful that Final Exam completion in 10 days will bring renewed excitement.

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